Spotlight Blog: Realfoodology

One of my favorite health bloggers on the internet is Realfoodology aka Courtney Swan.


I contribute a lot to her for opening my eyes and starting me on my health journey. I have been following her on social media for years now.  A band I listened to was continuously tagging her in posts. I checked her out and started following her. At the time she wasn’t posting about health. Slowly but surely she started to be more active in the blogger community.

The more posts I saw from her on why we should care about what we put in our bodies, the more intrigued I became. I started to watch documentaries and read up on articles and really started to understand why it was important for us to eat real food. I continued to follow her social media accounts to keep up to date for all things health related.

On Instagram, Courtney Swan posts a lot of pictures of her meals. She links the recipes for them on her blog. I love getting ideas on how to eat healthy and not let it be boring. She does a really good job at making the food appetizing. Every time I see one of her posts, I want to go out immediately and make it.

One thing I love about her posts is they are not just strictly recipes. In her posts she tries to educate her readers on the importance of real, organic food and why you should stay away from processed junk. She is currently a nutrition student and is very passionate about the health of America. She doesn’t just want you to eat healthy, but she wants you to understand WHY you should be eating healthy. She explains the benefits these foods have and the damage that the junk can do to your body. She really tries to educate her readers and I admire and appreciate that.

Courtney Swan will even make posts on products you should be switching out. I think this is very unique to other bloggers because most just post recipes and that’s it. When someone is first starting out on their health journey, it can be very intimidating and it’s hard to know where to even begin. Courtney’s videos and posts are a good starting point for anyone to slowly transition into being healthy. She will take a product and explain what is bad about it and then give you an alternative to use.

She has even created a Facebook group called “For the Health of it.” This group is great for people to connect about all things heath related. People can ask questions and get answers and recommendations from not only Courtney Swan, but from other passionate healthy people. Group members can share helpful articles. It’s a very encouraging and helpful group to be a part of!

I love her blog so much I bought this shirt to support her!  

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

So do yourself a a favor and go check out the blog Realfoodology. It is an amazing blog to help keep you motivated, inspired, and educated!

Her username is Realfoodology on all Social Media so go follow her to keep up to date with her posts!





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