Nice Cream

Nice cream is the simple, healthy, dairy free  version of ice cream. Bananas are the sole ingredient that goes into this recipe, so you can make and eat as much as you want guilt free!

There are many reasons to choose nice cream over your conventional ice creams. Most ice creams on the market are filled with unnecessary additives. There is no reason to add more sugar when the ice cream can be naturally sweet. Many people now opt for the dairy free options because of the benefits it has. So keep reading to find out how to make this delicious, healthy treat!

The first thing you’ll need to create this ice cream is either a high power blender or a food processor for the best results. If you don’t have either you can try it with a normal blender, but I’m warning you the consistency probably won’t be as thick and ice cream like!

Nice cream aka banana ice cream is a very versatile recipe. You can play around with different ingredients to try out new flavors. For this recipe I’m going to keep it simple with the chocolate flavor. (You even keep it as simple as just using bananas as the only ingredient)


  • Frozen bananas
  • Chocolate protein powder


To get the best results, you’ll need to freeze ripe bananas. The amount is up to you on how much you would like to make, but I would say about 3 bananas is one serving. The key is making sure your bananas are ripe when you are freezing them!! (Refer to the picture below to see how ripe I let mine get) So that means wait until those bananas are nicely brown and spotty. The reasoning for this is because the riper (browner) a banana is, the sweeter it will taste. So to give your ice cream that nice sweet flavor, use ripe bananas. Also make sure to peel the skin off the banana before freezing or else it will be difficult to get it off afterwards. Fun fact: another reason it’s better to eat riper, browner bananas is because the riper the banana, the easier it will be to digest! So try not to eat green bananas because those don’t digest as well in the stomach.


After letting your bananas freeze for a minimum of four hours (overnight freezing would be best) take them out and start to break them up before putting them in the blender. The trick to blending the bananas and getting that ice cream consistency is by pulsing the blender. Start pulsing and blending the bananas. The bananas can be pretty thick in the blender. If you find that the blender is having a hard time blending, use a spoon to move the bananas around, take the spoon out, and continue to blend.

Once you think your bananas are nicely blended and have that thick consistency,  you can add the ingredients you chose to flavor your ice cream. In this recipe I now add the chocolate protein powder. First I take a spoon and stir in the powder. After that I pulse the blender a few more times to make sure the powder is mixed in well.

Voila! There you have it, a two ingredient healthy, guilt free ice cream.


This simple recipe takes little to no time and tastes even better than most ice creams on the market. Feel free to play around with the recipe and create your own flavors!

When you eat real food you don’t have to worry about calories or any of those other nutritional labels. Focus on the ingredients. As long as they are real, whole foods you can eat what you want and not have to worry about the health of your body!


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