Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised

Salmon is a great meal and has a lot of benefits for your body. It’s rich in omega-3s which is great for the function of your brain. It’s also a heart healthy food and has even been linked to helping out a person’s eyes.

There are so many benefits from eating salmon, but the most important way to make sure you get these benefits is by eating wild caught salmon.

There is a huge difference between farm raised salmon and wild caught salmon. Wild caught salmon is just what you probably think it is, salmon that has been caught in the wild. Farm raised salmon are crammed in cages with barely any room to swim around. Fungicides are also used to treat the water the fish live in to deal with the issues that come with overcrowding in the cages.

Salmon are fed genetically modified food that is covered in pesticides. What the farm raised fish are fed aren’t at all nutritious for the fish. The result of this is a lower omega-3 count and just overall losing the benefits that come with salmon. The fish get so sick from eating this way they, end up turning grey. Obviously markets don’t want to sell grey, sick looking fish ,so they add in pink dye to make the fish appear healthy and normal. If you take a look at the ingredients I have found it always says “color added.”


When you stick to wild caught fish you don’t have to worry about eating sick fish. You can continue to get all the awesome brain and body benefits that salmon has.

Also eating wild caught goes for all seafood. If it’s not wild caught then the seafood is being fed pesticide covered food and that can have some serious consequences on our health. So read the labels and make sure you see that it says wild caught and not farm raised. Companies try to hide the fact that the food is farm raised by using tricky labels like “fresh atlantic salmon.” Then if you turn the packaging over you’ll see it say farm raised in a tiny font.

I wanted to include a short snippet of how I like to prepare and cook my salmon:

You’ll need wild caught salmon, slices of lemon, pink himalayan sea salt, and pepper.

Lay out aluminum foil on your choice of dish, set the salmon on to the foil, and then spice it up with pink salt and pepper. Afterwards I take the slices of lemon and set them on top of the fish. Once you have flavored it to your liking, roll up the foil to close off the fish.


I then set the oven at 400 degrees and stick the fish in for about 30 minutes. Once it’s done take the salmon out and use a fork to check that the fish is cooked all the way through. Once it is, take it out and put it on a plate to enjoy!


Remember the importance of eating wild caught salmon. If you eat a sick fish then you’re only making your own body sick. So stick to wild caught and enjoy the brain food that is salmon!


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