Pasture Raised vs Cage Free Eggs

One of the biggest concerns these days is buying cage free eggs. The problem with this though is cage free doesn’t mean what most people think it means.

It has already been established that the conventional eggs on the market are not good for us. The fact that hens are confined in cages and are fed unnatural factory food is just a few of the reasons. So now people are opting for cage free eggs.

People like to imagine their eggs are from hens who have been skipping in an open meadow, nibbling on green grasses, and living the good life. Given the name cage free, this is what people assume they’re getting. Unfortunately these labels are misleading and is not what you’re paying for. Cage free might be one notch better than the traditional eggs, but they are still inhumanly raised and not a good option for us to be eating.

In reality cage free hens aren’t even given access to the outside. They might not be locked up in cages, but they are still tightly crammed in warehouses with barely any room to move. Since these hens have no access to the outside they are fed synthetic vitamins and unnatural corn-based feed. With the tight conditions and awful diets, these hens easily and frequently get sick. Therefore you are eating sick eggs.

Free range is under similar circumstances. The difference is the hens are only required to have “access to the outdoors.” This access though is usually just a small door that is hard for the hens to even get through, so most don’t make it outside.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Then what else is there??? Do I have to stop eating eggs now???” Calm down. I got you. There is still a good option when it comes to eggs…pasture raised.

You remember that vision of the hens roaming freely, eating a natural diet, sipping on ice tea, and living the good life? Well pasture raised eggs actually depict this vision. (Give or take the ice tea part).

Pasture raised hens roam freely and eat what nature intended for them. With this diet and lifestyle, the hens get many more nutrients and vitamins. Therefore we get many more nutrients and vitamins in our eggs. With fresh air, sunlight, and spacious meadows, the hens live a less stressful lifestyle. When the hens live a humane life, our eggs are the best they can be. Not only do we get healthier eggs, but we get better quality tasting eggs.


One of my favorite brands of eggs is Vital Farms. Vital Farms is dedicated to providing the best quality and healthiest eggs. Along with having some of the best eggs, they also have the best packaging. Inside each carton of eggs you’ll find a mini flyer informing you about their happy hens. This brand really lives up to the vision people want when it comes to their eggs! You can find Vital Farms at most health stores like Whole Foods, Wheatsville, and Sprouts. They have even started selling them at HEB.


Buying local, pasture raised eggs from the farmers market is another great option. Not only do you get all the benefits listed above, but you also have the benefit of really knowing where your eggs come from and knowing that these eggs are close by. Most of the time you can even talk to the farmers themselves. It’s fun getting to know exactly where and who your eggs are coming from!


Don’t be fooled by those pesky labels. Stick to pasture raised eggs to make sure you are eating the best eggs. When you eat the best eggs, you are helping be your best self!



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