Agave vs. Honey

I cringe every time I see agave listed in the ingredients of a product. Agave has become popular in the health community and most people use it thinking it is a better sweetener alternative. The truth though is that it’s not. It’s even worse than corn fructose syrup.


People think agave is a better alternative because it is a low-glycemic sweetener. The problem though is that agave is largely made of fructose. It has the highest fructose content on the market.

Most people now know how bad corn syrup is for us and all the harmful effects it has on our body. Since agave has a higher fructose level than corn syrup that means all the same things apply and it puts us at an even higher risk. Many health food companies use agave as their sweetener and fool consumers into thinking it is a better choice. That’s why even if something is listed as organic or natural, you still need to look at the ingredients to make sure you aren’t putting something harmful in your body.

My personal favorite sweetener to use is honey. Honey is often referred to as liquid gold because of all the amazing benefits it has. Honey is anti-bacterial, helps the immune system, helps prevent heart disease, and so much more!

The only problem with honey though is that you can’t just go and pick up any brand off the shelf. Many brands aren’t real honey. Companies will mix the honey with high fructose corn syrup and white sugar. They do this to cut back on costs and save money. Not only do the conventional honey brands have a low percentage of actual honey in them, but they filter the honey and remove the pollen. The pollen is where we get all the benefits from. All that is left when they remove the pollen is just essentially sugar.

So what you need to make sure you do is to buy 100% raw honey. Raw honey will have all the amazing benefits still in tact. It is also a bonus if you can buy local honey. Eating local honey means that it will have pollen from the local region and because of this the honey is able to help fight off allergies in the area.

My favorite local brand of honey is Round Rock Honey. They are local, raw, and is a brand I stand by. I have even been driving in Round Rock and have seen them in their beekeeper suits walking into the forest. I think that’s awesome!



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