I created this blog for my FDOM class and now that the semester is coming to a close I will no longer be required to make posts. I do hope to continue writing posts though. I have a passion for health and love trying to educate and inspire others to be healthy as well.

It has been a fun experience creating this blog. Since I write about a topic I am interested in, I have been excited and happy about writing and sharing my posts and knowledge with others. I think the link tools have been effective because I have been able to link my readers to the products I have mentioned to help give them easy access. The tool to open the link in a new tab is also helpful because it means my reader won’t be leaving my blog! There weren’t many tools that weren’t effective, but there were some tools that I didn’t use very often, like the quote tool, read more tag, or contact form.

Although I have enjoyed my blog, there are some things I could improve, such as how I shared my posts. I only shared my posts via Twitter so I didn’t get as much traffic on my blog that I could have gotten. I don’t have many followers on Twitter so I probably should have shared my posts on Facebook where I could have gotten more views. I also didn’t look around and interact with many other blogs on WordPress. If I had been more interactive, then I could have brought in more readers to check out my blog.

The experience of having this blog could benefit me by continuing my writing. The more I write and the more I connect with my readers, the better my blog can be at helping others. The blog can also be beneficial in a professional manner.  Continuing to write will help my grammar and writing skills improve. It will also help with my communication skills. By writing a blog I am learning how to connect to viewers and can see how people respond and stay interested. That is very helpful in the mass communication area.

November 7th to the 13th was my most popular week. That week I had 35 views and 5 visitors. My most popular post was my first post that was an introductory post with 18 views. I think this was my most popular because it has been up the longest. My most recent posts haven’t been posted as long, so they haven’t gotten as much traffic. I also think people are interested in who is writing the blog. They want to get to know the writer and know my background of why I am so interested in health.

One thing that was surprising in my stats was probably being able to see how people found my blog. It was interesting to see how many people came from Twitter and how many came from searching the tag. I was really surprised to see that I had a few views from countries outside of the United States!


I have loved creating and posting on this blog and I hope to continue even after the semester is over. I want to help others have a healthy body and a healthy mind!




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