I want it to be noted that I am not a nutritionist. Everything I post about on my blog are things I have found in my own personal research. I have found these tips, recipes, etc to benefit me in my own health journey. I am still constantly learning new things every day!  Everyone’s body is different, so everyone will have a different journey. I encourage you to do your own research as well and use my posts as a guide to help you transition into a healthy, balanced lifestyle!

There are many ways to learn and do your own research. You can watch documentaries, read articles, books, and so much more. Keep in mind you want to make sure your information is coming from credible sources. So don’t just believe anything you read and see. When it comes to food and what is healthy for our bodies, things are constantly changing. One year there will credible articles saying something is awful for you and then the next year a study will come out that it is actually very beneficial for us. Therefore all the information you find, you should take with a grain of salt. Really think about the information and decide for yourself if you think something is beneficial or harmful.

Over the past few years I have watched documentaries, read books, and followed blogs that have inspired me to live healthy life. I have found many of them very useful in learning the importance of why we should take care of our bodies. Its nice to learn why we should be eating certain foods and how others can be harmful to us. When you learn the reason behind it, it will help motivate you to stay on a healthy path. So below I have linked some of the movies, books, and bloggers that I have found to be very helpful on my healthy journey. I hope they can help and inspire you as well!

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Forks Over Knives


Kimberly Snyder Books

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